DotEU Web Survey Results

November 23, 2011
By John McCormac

In October 2011, the websites of 2.3 million .eu websites were surveyed by The websites (approximately 1.98 million responding) were then classified as to their domain usage. This is a more complex survey than Eurid’s Insight survey of a a few thousand .eu websites and it shows that .eu is being used but in a non-ccTLD manner. The .eu ccTLD is a composite of a number of smaller .eu ccTLD markets that have clear country based characteristics. The percentages have been rounded to two decimal places. DotEU Web Survey Results November 2011
  • A - Active / unclassified: 13.28%
  • B - Brand Protection Registrations: 8.43%
  • C - Compromised: 0.01%
  • D - In page Redirects: 4.36%
  • E - External TLD Redirect: 9.22%
  • F - 403 etc: 2.06%
  • H - Holding Pages: 23.39%
  • I - Internal Site Redirect: 0.55%
  • M - Matched External TLD Redirect: 4.22%
  • N - Duplicate Content: 3.00%
  • O - Other TLD site served as .eu: 0.95%
  • P - PPC parking and monetisation: 10.44%
  • R - Redirects / unclassified: 1.74%
  • S - For sale/rent: 1.41%
  • U - Unavailable: 0.21%
  • W - Possible hijacked site: 0.02%
  • Z - Redirect to other .eu website: 2.23%
  • NS - No website: 14.50%

The number of domains checked in the survey was 2,319,421. The number of responding websites was 1,983,076. The percentages are expressed as a percentage of domains in the survey. The methodology (which will be explained in a later post) used for classification is highly automated and forms the precursor to developing a search engine or high quality web directory.

The most important statistic in this survey is that Brand Protection registrations, External TLD redirects and Matched External TLD redirects account for 21.87%. While the .eu ccTLD has not overtaken .com as the second choice TLD in the EU, it may be more popular than .com in the Eastern EU member states. While stand-alone .eu website development is low, the .eu domain is, apparently, considered a must-register option along with .com for many new EU businesses.

Pay Per Click advertising is also lower than expected at 10.44%. Some registrars automatically park new and undeveloped domains on PPC. Thus the PPC percentage is split between domains that are monetised by registrars and domains that are parked as part of a PPC network.

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