gTLD Domain Name Counts By Country

May 22, 2013
By John McCormac

Global totals for gTLDs are great but they just don’t give the kind of country level view that most web hosters and registries need. Each country level market is typically based on a combination of domain names. The most important is generally the local ccTLD. But .COM TLD also occupies a major segment of most country level markets. The other TLDs such as .NET and .ORG occupy smaller positions in the market. However the .ccTLD/.COM axis for most countries occupies over 80% of that country’s domain name footprint.

HosterStats has added a gTLD Domain Name Counts By Country page to show how the gTLDs are doing on a country by country basis. A limited number of countries are shown and the full table is in the latest monthly Top 1000 report.

The classification of gTLDs by country of web hoster is an on-going process and it will improve over the next few months. It is often difficult because of the increasing use of Domain WHOIS Privacy and hoster companies operating in multiple markets. The classification process used by HosterStats is based on more than just a simple WHOIS lookup. This means that some of the registrar graveyard nameservers (where domains are moved pending renewal or deletion), gTLD registry holding nameservers and graveyard nameservers are not actually counted as being part of country level markets. This provides a far more accurate view, especially in the case of the Irish figures, of the gTLD markets in various countries.

Individual country market pages will be added soon and these will include gTLD domains counts for each country and an explanation of how the domain name and hosting markets operate in those countries.

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