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Domain name registration and hosting history for from 2000 to present. This record is based on the nameserver (DNS) history of the domain name.

Domain Hosting History - Search Domain Name History from 2000 to 2015

The domain term 'tube8' is, as of 01 December 2014, registered in the TLDs below.

tube8comnetorgbizinfomobiasiatel Domain History For
Old Hoster New Hoster Month / Year Zone Date Transaction
REFLECTED.NET ULTRADNS.BIZ April 2014 2014-05-01 Transfer
REFLECTED.NET ULTRADNS.COM April 2014 2014-05-01 Transfer
REFLECTED.NET ULTRADNS.NET April 2014 2014-05-01 Transfer
REFLECTED.NET ULTRADNS.ORG April 2014 2014-05-01 Transfer
KWIKDNS.COM REFLECTED.NET March 2010 2010-04-01 Transfer
TUBE8.COM KWIKDNS.COM November 2009 2009-12-01 Transfer
TITOV.NET TUBE8.COM November 2007 2007-12-01 Transfer
INTERIMNAMESERVER.COM TITOV.NET October 2007 2007-11-01 Transfer
INTERIMNAMESERVER.COM Sepember 2007 2007-10-01 New
July 2007 2007-08-01 Deleted
DNS.COM.CN June 2006 2006-07-01 New

Current DNS For

Website usage survey of top 10 new gTLDs

These are the website usage survey results for the top 10 new gTLDS in June 2014.

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New: detected in zonefile.
Deleted: deleted from zonefile.
Transfer: transferred from one hoster's DNS to another's DNS.
Added: A secondary DNS is added to's DNSes.
Removed: A secondary DNS is removed from's DNSes.
Changed: The DNS for changed in this period.
Epoch: Initial zonefile used in building domain history for that TLD.

Hosting Activity For

The is also the nameserver domain for a webhoster. The nameservers for have been active in the following years:
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 .

Domain Counts for as of 01 December 2014

.com: - .net: - .org: - .biz: - .info: - .mobi: - .asia: - .ie:
Detected ccTLD domains on
.eu: - - .de: - .es:

The .de, .eu, and .es domain counts are based on detected domains. Domain Name Brand Protection Analysis 01 December 2014

The more valuable a domain name is, the more likely it is to be protected by trademarks and other rights. The Intellectual Property Rights owners will seek to protect their trademarks and brands by registering the term in various Top Level Domains.

The .com .net and .org TLDs are the oldest of the global TLDs. For older brands, the intellectual property rights owner is likely to have registered it in these three TLDs. The focus of brand protection will be on the .com version of the domain name. A domain name with the same hosters for the domain term in these three TLDs is likely to be the subject of brand protection registrations. TLD Brand Analysis For hoster hoster hoster

The .biz and .info gTLDs were introduced in 2001. While the .info gTLD is the more popular of the two, a brand protection registration will often cover these gTLDs. The .mobi gTLD was approved in 2005 and opened for public domain name registration in September 2006. It is a device specific gTLD in that its main focus is on mobile devices such as mobile phones. The .asia gTLD was approved in 2006 and launched in 2008. It is intended to be a regional TLD for Asian countries but it has found it extremely difficult to compete with the large ccTLDs such as China's .cn, Australia's .au, Japan's .jp and Korea's .kr. Some brands that operate in the region have registered their brand as a .asia domain name. gTLD Brand Analysis For hoster hoster hoster hoster hoster
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